Scorpion Venom Toxin is serious medicine for serious shooting.


The New Venom Toxin line has Fully Multi coated lens offering exceptional clarity. Scorpion’s Watershed hydrophobic coatings makes this a scope perfect for all weather conditions. Wet early season to freezing Canadian late season the Venom Toxin handles it all. Precision ground lenses and proprietary High Anti-Reflective lens coating improve contrast for a sharper image, maximizing light transmission to 95% for edge to edge clarity providing outstanding optical performance. The lens edges are treated with our Blackout process to eliminate stray light from entering the side of the lens. This improves resolution and eliminates “whiteout” at high magnification. An illuminated Center Fine Sport Duplex Reticle offers precision aiming at all magnifications day and night. The parallax uses the full rotation allowing for fine tune focusing throughout all magnifications.

The Venom Toxin is Nitrogen purged, O-ring sealed and built on a streamline all aluminum 30mm main tube to reduce overall weight. Our new single turn turret mechanics allows for exceptional tracking for repetitive engagements. Match this with our improved RDS “Range Dial Shoot” system with zero stop we have gained 50% more elevation in one revolution. Giving you fast easy distance to target when seconds matter.

Best of all, the Scorpion lifetime No Fault Sting Fee warranty means owners don’t need to worry about accidental damage to their scope or manufacturer issues – ever.