Scorpion Venom Toxin is serious medicine for serious shooting.

The latest models in Scorpion’s Toxin line are the ultimate scope for the hunter wanting to reach out with long distance shots.

Both the 2-16 x 50 IR and 3-24 x 56 IR feature 30 mm tubes and HD glass for the ultimate in clarity and sharpness out to 1,000 yards and beyond. Both come with resettable zero MOA turrets and are compatible with Scorpion’s custom RDS turrets designed for individual calibers. The RDS system custom dials make long shots as simple as Range your target, Dial your yardage on the custom turret, and Shoot.

With illuminated reticles, these scopes can make those shots in the lowest of light conditions. Scorpion’s Watershed hydrophobic coating makes this a scope for all weather conditions.

Best of all, the Scorpion lifetime No Fault Sting Fee warranty means owners don’t need to worry about accidental damage to their scope or manufacturer issues – ever.