Growing up in the lower mainland of British Columbia, no one in my family hunted anymore, however growing up listening to stories from my grandfather of his time in northern Saskatchewan drew me towards it. Fishing was my gateway to the outdoors as I had a short walk to coastal streams.


After high school I joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Infantry Soldier and was posted to the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Edmonton, Alberta. I served for 11 yrs and deployed 3 times to Afghanistan before releasing from the military. After leaving the military my family and I stayed in area, it was after returning from my second deployment is when I really started hunting and it quickly turned into my passion. I’ve been lucky to not only be able to bow hunt in the Edmonton Bow zone but have other opportunities in this amazing province.


I am blessed with an amazing wife who supports my passion and two children who enjoy going hunting with dad. As well as a great group of friends and mentors who pointed me in the right direction. Now getting to Share my passion with others is something I truly enjoy doing.


Growing up in BC luckily had me hunting at an early age in Mule Deer and Moose country, so I had a head start when I moved to Alberta, into a heavy whitetail habitat, the edge of the Pacific Flyway for waterfowl, and more coyotes than you could imagine. I'll never turn down a chance to hammer some heavy Alberta coyotes.

I spent a few years guiding whitetail, predator and waterfowl clients, and have just recently switched my attention to getting my you kids into the outdoors a little more every year.
I've been fortunate to have a great support at home, allowing me to spend hours and days each year doing what I love. I'm honoured to be joining the Scorpion Team, and I can't wait to share my adventures with you all.