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    Email us any photo of you with your Scorpion Outdoors product. Be sure to include a short description of the photo and we will share it on our webpage.

    Geoff Wooding

    Loving my Venom Max! With outfitter Jimmy Kalinek of Inuvik NWT.

    Paige Swan

    Harvested with a Venom Max 2-12x50 on a Savage Axis .308

    Geoff Wooding

    Thankful for having a Venom Max on my Tikka Rifle in .338 cal. This was my 5th wild, free-range Yukon woodland bison in 6 years

    Jason Bellows

    Salmon Arm BC Red Hot Varminter 4-16×44 on a Savage 10 in 22-250 @ 230 yards.

    Sarah Bellows

    Red Hot Varminter on a 22-250 @ 200 yds, he came into a call.

    Byron Calhoon

    RDS 628 Yards
    150 Gr. 7mm08
    RHV 6-24x44

    Chris C.

    2020 Bull Moose
    Venom Hi-Grade RDS.

    Brock Tedford

    This year I dumped a gobbler opening day with a shot where I had 5x less room than I did last year, and I would have never got this tom with iron sights.

    Chris C.

    Venom Hi-Grade RDS. TC Pro Hunter 300WM taken at 560 yards.

    Craig Blackmer

    2019 Whitetail. Venom Hi-Grade RDS SVG

    Phil Dixon

    2020 bull moose
    3-9x40 hi-grade 30-06 180gr.
    I use scorpion optics on all my guns.

    Craig Blackmer

    2019 Mule Deer. Venom Toxin 4-16x50 IR 300 Wby. Mag.

    Ryan W.

    You replaced my venom scope with a 2x12x50 venom max ir and I wanted to say thank you. It's held zero on my 300 WSM and helped me take a big buck and a few coyotes this fall.

    Mario B.

    Mario took his opening day cull buck testing out our Scorpion lighted nock and the new Magne' Drop.

    Rob B.

    Venom Hi-Grade 4-12x40 RDS. Remington 700 30-06. Taken at 378 Yards.

    C & J Blackmer

    Here's my customized Scorpion Rifle.

    Neil P.

    I brought up my gun and focussed in on him instantly in the split few seconds I had I lined up and bang he drops instantly with the perfect kill shot thanks to the quality and zoom of my scorpion optics scope!

    Bryan M.

    The 270 weatherby magnum with my 150 grain venom high- grade was dead on. I took my impala 2 days later with the same set up. Thanks again Jeff ,this scope performed just as you said.

    Kari-Lynn K.

    This buck was taken with my Venom Max on my 300 Win Mag.

    Jason S.

    Here is a picture at the shooting range. I wanted a Canadian Optic for my Canadian M14 mount. Looks good together!

    David S.

    Early Season Moose Hunt. This beauty was seen following us at a distance and turned out to be the best pick of the season.

    Paolo B.

    Great hunt in Battleford, Saskatchewan for this mule deer and white-tail both shot at over 150 yards using my scorpion copper-head scope on my remington 308 sps.

    Dan and Nathan

    This hunt was a trip with my son to Yorkton SK. This was my sons first hunting trip and for this trip he was to just shadow me and observe and learn.

    Steve J.

    A picture of my 270 Weatherby Vanguard II with my Scorpion 4-16 .