David S.

Early Season Moose Hunt. This beauty was seen following us at a distance and turned out to be the best pick of the season.

Paolo B.

Great hunt in Battleford, Saskatchewan for this mule deer and white-tail both shot at over 150 yards using my scorpion copper-head scope on my remington 308 sps.

Steve J.

So, the first picture of my 270 Weatherby Vanguard II with my Scorpion 4-16 was taken the day before I was shot by another Hunter in a freak accident due to a safety malfunction. Which ended my season for that year so I didn’t manage to take either deer or moose. But three weeks in the hospital and just under a year later and I was “back on the horse” or moose, so to speak. And I took this nice immature two pointer at 480yards with that same 270 fitted with my favourite scope. I love the fine crosshairs which allow for fine tuning accuracy. The third picture is part of why I’m confident shooting that far. 130g Barnes TTSX three shot group at 100yrds.

Neil P.

First day out hunting late season elk in zone 40 Saskatchewan and we come across this guy moving with a herd of about 30 cows. We spent half the day tracking him though a creek system, we finally got ahead of him and got set up for what id hoped to be the perfect shot as I only had a small opening in a trail to take my shot but I knew my 25-06 was shooting dead on with my scorpion scope. We sat for what felt like forever when finally here he came slowly into site, I brought up my gun and focussed in on him instantly in the split few seconds I had I lined up and bang he drops instantly with the perfect kill shot thanks to the quality and zoom of my scorpion optics scope!

Bryan M.

It was the third day of my African safari,we were glassing a large hill side when we spotted 2 Kudu bulls. The weather was overcast a extremely windy as we staked in to 250 yards. I waited till the larger of the 2 bulls stepped out into the open. Ad the bull was standing I adjusted the scopes dial to the yardage and took the shot. The 270 weatherby magnum with my 150 grain venom high- grade was dead on. I took my impala 2 days later with the same set up. Thanks again Jeff ,this scope performed just as you said. Can’t wait to try the the Red Hot Varminter you made for my 22 250.

Dan and Nathan

This hunt was a trip with my son to Yorkton SK. This was my sons first hunting trip and for this trip he was to just shadow me and observe and learn. The trip was originally to hunt Wild Boar.

I picked my Ram to shoot. The heard had actually closed the gap on us and the heard was inside 100yrds and weren’t phased by our presence. I placed my 30-06 Mossburg on my shooting sticks and sighted in just behind the front leg. The Ram ran maybe 20yrds before dropping to the grassy field. Nathan, and I were so excited to have the opportunity to harvest this beautiful animal.

Jason S.

Here is a picture at the shooting range. I wanted a Canadian Optic for my Canadian M14 mount ..... looks good together !!!